Save Time

Save 5­-10 hours every week by offloading all scheduling and calendar management to Alex

Increase Conversion

Alex replies to your contacts within an hour and intelligently follows up, increasing lead conversion by 40%

Accelerate Timelines

Alex gets meetings on your calendar 5x faster, accelerating your sales and recruiting cycles and improving your business productivity

Schedule your
Meetings Effortlessly

Offload calendar management to Alex and all your meetings will be promptly scheduled with your preferences and priorities taken into account.

Improve Sales & Marketing Efficiency by Integrating Alex with your E-mail Campaigns, CRM and other Tools

Set up e-mail campaigns with Alex, never miss a follow-up, and automatically set up meetings with engaged leads

Increase Your
Conversion Rate by 40%

Alex assists with early sales outreach and follow up, ensuring you are kept engaged with every prospect through automated yet personal communication.

Streamline Your
Recruiting Process

Alex reduces the time candidates spend in your pipeline by integrating with your applicant tracking system and handling high volume interview scheduling (and rescheduling) with ease.

Reach Alex from any Platform
Wherever You Are, Day or Night

Simply email Alex from anywhere you are and consider it done. It’s fast and efficient.

  • Compatible with Gmail and Office 365
  • Alex gets back to you within an hour.

Learn how My Ally can drive productivity for your organization

Simply email Alex from anywhere you are and consider it done. It’s fast and efficient.

  • 5-10

    hours saved per user per week
  • 40%

    increase in conversion
  • 5x

    meetings scheduled faster

My Ally works with your existing email clients, so your team can get started right away and stay focused on your core business - not learning new software